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Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Board Members

MSPOA Board of Directors

Board Roster 2020-2021

Excel Spreadsheet with Board Member Contact Information

Wynn Meehan, Sheriff
Broadwater County S.O.
Broadwater County Sheriff Wynn Meehan in a cowboy hat with the American Flag in the background
1st Vice President:
Scott VanDyken, Captain
Cascade County S.O.
Cascade County Captain Scott Van Dyken office photo

2nd Vice President:
Donna Whitt, Sheriff
Toole County S.O.

Toole County Sheriff Donna Whitt headshot in uniform
3rd Vice President:
Eric Gilbertson, Sgt.
Lewis and Clark County S.O.
Lewis and Clark County Sgt. Eric Gilbertson professional headshot in class A uniform with American Flag in the background
Pat Roos, Undersheriff
Custer County S.O. 
Custer County Undersheriff headshot in uniform with wood background
Past President:
V. Allen Fulton, Sheriff
Rosebud County S.O.  
Rosebud County Sheriff Allen Fulton in office

Board of Directors (Sheriffs/5)

Leo Dutton, Sheriff
Lewis and Clark County S.O.
Lewis and Clark County Sheriff headshot in uniform with a wood background
Trent Harbaugh, Sheriff
Fallon County S.O.
Fallon County Sheriff Trent Harbaugh in uniform with American Flag in the background
Mike Linder, Sheriff
Yellowstone County S.O.
Yellowstone County Sheriff Mike Linder headshot with American Flag blurred in the background
Jesse Slaughter, Sheriff
Cascade County S.O.
Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter professional headshot
Heidi Visocan, Sheriff
Sheridan County S.O.
Sheridan County Sheriff Heidi Visocan professional headshot

Board of Directors (Undersheriff or Deputies/5)

Jim Anderson, Captain
Gallatin County S.O.
Ryan Dunster, Deputy
Missoula County S.O.
Nic Eisele, Undersheriff
Fallon County S.O.
 Fallon County Undersheriff Nic Eisele in law enforcement uniform with American flag in the background
Katie Mills, Undersheriff
Dawson County S.O.
 Dawson County Undersheriff Katie Mills in Class A Uniform

Fernando Venegas, Lt.
Lake County S.O.


Board of Directors (Detention Officers/2)

Shawna Chenoweth, Detention Lieutenant
Sanders County S.O.
Steve Metzger, Detention Lieutenant
Yellowstone County S.O.
 Yellowstone County Detention Captain Steve Metzger professional headshot with uniform