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Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association


Donation Caution

Be advised that there is an outfit making phone calls to Montana residents asking for donations.  The person making the phone call is stating they are with the Police and Sheriff Support Alliance.  MSPOA cannot vouch for this organization but URGES extreme caution when making donations.  Please verify that the organization is legitimate.

The Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association DOES NOT use phone solicitation.  We send citizens snail mail with information about our Honorary Membership Program.  If you ever have questions about the MSPOA Honorary Membership Program, please do not hesitate to reach out to the MSPOA Office at 406-443-5669.  You can also become an Honorary Member by completing the form on our webpage: Honorary Membership Form.

Donations to MSPOA via our Honorary Membership Program support the following: local law enforcement training, death benefit for members, donations to law enforcement supportive organizations such as the Montana Law Enforcement Museum and Montana Guardian Fund, the MSPOA Scholarship program, and convening Sheriffs and deputies to talk about statewide public safety and constitutional issues. 

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