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Montana Guardian Fund Donation Request

Dear Law Enforcement Officers, Partners and Friends --

For the past year, the Montana Guardian Fund has been under development.  The MGF had a couple of kick-off events last summer and we are now in the midst of our first official “ASK” season. 

It is easy to donate! Visit the Montana Guardian Fund web page to make a donation or mail a check made out to the Montana Guardian Fund to PO Box 1182, Miles City, MT 59301.  

Any and all Donations are greatly needed and appreciated. 

The Montana Guardian Fund (MGF) is a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing financial assistance to families of Montana Peace Officers who lost their lives in the line of duty or are victims of a serious, traumatic and disabling injury and cannot return to work. The MGF aims to help relieve this burden of debt and expenses from the surviving family.  The MGF’s Board is comprised of Peace Officers and private citizens working collectively to bring Montanans together to help those who put themselves between us and harm’s way every day.

Tiers of Contributions:

  1. Founding Members - Those who contribute $15,000 or more over 1 to 5 years will be Memorialized for the life of the Fund with annual recognition for their contribution and support. Founding Members will be eligible for a MGF Board position if they desire and help the Executive Board with the strategic planning of the Fund. These will be the initial and largest contributors to the MGF.
  2. Advisory Board - Those who contribute $1,000 or more over 1 to 5 years will receive annual recognition for their support and will be instrumental in guiding the success of the Fund in their local and regional areas.
  3. The $100 Club - Those who contribute $100 or less annually to the MGF.  These donors will be the contributing backbone of the Foundation and will bring MGF goals to fruition throughout the state of Montana. They will receive annual recognition via a Logo Window Decal and $100 Club recognition card.

Please share this information with your law enforcement colleagues, friends and family and make a charitable donation to the Montana Guardian Fund before the end of 2017.

Kind regards, 


Montana Guardian Fund Executive Committee

Sheriff Tony Harbaugh, Custer County

Sheriff Chuck Curry, Flathead County

Sheriff Brian Gootkin, Gallatin County

Sheriff Leo Dutton, Lewis and Clark County

Sheriff Steve Holton, Ravalli County

Retired Sheriff Chris Hoffman

Detective Blue Corneliusen, Cascade County

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